Healthy Recipe Episode -3, This simple beet Cucumber🥒 raita is a chilled yogurt sauce made with beets, yogurt, and a few spices. It’s a simple cooling side, a perfect accompaniment to a spicy dish.

Beetroot Cucumber raita is a very healthy and delicious Indian side dish, which goes very well with rice and roti. Beetroot is packed with essential vitamins minerals and plant compounds very helpful for digestion,weight loss , skin and many more. Here I am sharing a very easy recipe of beetroot cucumber raita. I used steamed beets you can also use it raw.
There are ample beetroot cucumber raita benefits if added to your everyday meal.
Beetroot Cucumber Raita
Beet and cucumber raita
There are ample beetroot cucumber and tomato raita benefits if added to your everyday meal. To mention a few includes: Cool vegetable raita acts as a cleansing and detoxifying agent for your body. The fat content of this raita is negligible and low-calorie content of this recipe aids in weight loss. It is a good hydrating agent. A bowl of this raita is good for your bones because it is rich in calcium and protein. It is known to control blood pressure and builds immunity.

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