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About this video :
Welcome to home-made flavours! Today, we have a delightful treat for you FLATBREAD Cheese burger crunch wrap. Flatbread wrap offers countless filling options. Whether homemade or store-bought, it gurantee a tasty meal to all. As a popular world street food, it boasts many fillings to explore.You can make it from scratch,or alternatively, buy readymade flat bread.
Ingridents :
1).Ready-made flatbread / Piadina (is a type of Italian flat bread)
2).Ground beef burger patties
3).Onion rings
4).Cheese slices
4).Tomato slices
5).Lettuce and arugula (rucola)
6).Salt and pepper
7).Cooking oil

For the homemade sauce:
1).Tomato sauce
3).Black pepper

How to make :
1).Lay the flatbread on a clean surface
2).Starting from the edge with the burger patty, carefully roll the patty over the flatbread.
3).Season with salt and pepper to taste.
4).Heat a pan or grill over medium-high heat and add oil
5).Cook the flatbread and ground beef burger patty until they are fully cooked and nicely browned on both sides.
6).Add to cheese slices on the top of the burger patty cook until cheese get melted
7).Lay the warm flatbread on a clean surface
8).Arrange a few onion rings and tomato slices on top of the patty.
9).Place a few leaves of lettuce and arugula (rucola) on top of the filling
10).Spread a generous amount of the homemade sauce over one side of the flatbread
11).Gently fold the flatbread over the ingredients, creating a sandwich
12).Press down slightly to secure the filling
13).Optionally, you can wrap the sandwich in parchment paper or foil for easier handling
14).Serve your delicious flatbread piadina sandwich immediately while it’s still warm

Prepare the Homemade Sauce:
In a small bowl, mix together equal parts of tomato sauce and mayonnaise.
Season the sauce with a pinch of black pepper to taste. Set aside.

Enjoy your flavorful and satisfying meal!

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