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Oats diet – Weight loss recipe

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The oatmeal diet is a weight loss program that involves replacing your daily meals with oatmeal, which is high in fiber but low in calories. Basically, the oatmeal diet plan is separated into three phases, with the first phase being the most restrictive.

Day 1 & 2: Dieters have to eat oatmeal for all three meals. For the diet to be more efficient use whole oats and not instant oatmeal. You can include fruits, nuts and dry fruits but make sure it does not exceed 150 calories.

Day 3 & 4: Dieters should eat oatmeal for two meals a day, preferably morning and evening. For dinner you can have boiled vegetables and fruits.

Day 5, 6 & 7: Dieters should eat oatmeal for one meal a day. They can resume a regular, healthful diet for the other two meals. But the quantity and quality of what you take is very important.

The recommended serving size for oatmeal is ½ cup. Apart from some fruit and veggies, the diet does allow you to add or have a small amount of skim milk as well as low-fat yogurt on the side. If followed properly, you can loose upto 4 kgs in a week. Besides helping you lose weight, oatmeal can also help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and aid in digestion.

Tips for optimal weight loss on the oatmeal diet:
For optimal fitness results, follow the diet as outlined or instructed by your dietician.
Know the right way to prepare and at oatmeal.
Do not go over the recommended calories or cheat on the diet.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Avoid alcohol or other empty calories.
Stick to your fitness regime.
Get adequate sleep each night.

Oats – 1 cup
Water – 3 cups
Carrot – 1 medium sized
Beans – 3 to 4
Onions – 1
Garlic cloves – 2 to 3
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
Oregano – 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt as required

1. Chop the onions, garlic cloves, carrot, beans and set them aside.
2. Take a cup of oats and dry roast them for few minutes.
3. Once it slightly changes its color add water.
4. Add the chopped vegetables.
5. Add cumin seeds, oregano, pepper powder and salt and give a nice mix.
6. Bring it to a boil and close it with a lid.
7. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes in medium flame.

The vegetables will be only half cooked in this procedure. If you want the vegetables to get cooked completely, cook them separately and add them into the oats mixture.